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We're 100% carbon neutral

All orders will be sent within Australia using all eco-friendly packing materials and a 100% carbon neutral delivery service (and at a reduced rate when compared to Australia Post).

As all packaging supplies are pre-purchased, a flat fee of will now be charged in place of traditional commercial postage materials; please check the domestic delivery faq page for more information.

Depending on what your order contains, you’ll receive a package safely bundled with:

  • A fully compostable mail satchel OR landfill biodegradable (e.g. soft plastic recyclyable) mail satchel

  • Wheat/corn starch packing peanuts 

  • Recycled tissue/paper OR brown paper, biodegradable packing tape, paper twine and shipping labels

  • Recycled honeycomb and/or corrugated cardboard protective wrap OR landfill biodegradable eco bubble wrap

  • Recycled poster tube (extra fee will apply to purchase)

Please visit the link below to learn how to recycle each packaging material properly: 

You'll also receive some small gifts with your order, as a thank you from us for supporting our eco-friendly mission:

  • GO WITH YEONTAN thank you photocard

  • Hand-pressed seed paper card (simply plant and water well to grow your own purple Echinacea flowers) [coming soon]

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