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group orders

What is a group order, and why should I think about joining?

When an item is only available for purchase overseas, one person (a group order manager or GOM), pools the exact funds required from one or more buyers, and uses these funds to place a group order (or GO for short), on everyone's behalf. The main benefits of joining a group order is significantly reduced international shipping (e.g. in most cases 50% or more savings than buying alone), being able to order items only available for delivery and purchase overseas, a better chance of receiving your bias for photocard/postcard sorting (e.g. 100 albums in the GO = 100 chances of success), and supporting ARMYs in your local community!

So how exactly does a group order work?

Although each GO will vary slightly, this is a common timeline for our group orders: 1. Item is announc ed for sale and/or released for sale without notice 2. GOM opens a group order 3. Buyers submits order request, and sends correct payment for the goods deposit Note: If your order requires a custom quote, this will be sent separately and includes payment instructions! 4. GOM verifies order request and payment, purchases items and sends out an invoice confirmation via email 5. Orders are received at overseas address, and consolidated into one or more large boxes for shipment to Australia (order may be held for a short time to combine more items) 6. GOM calculates and sends shared international shipping fee out to individual buyers for payment 7. Boxes ship, progress through Australian customs, and are delivered to Brisbane 8. GOM arranges for collection via meet-up and domestic delivery 9. Buyers post and share feedback about their GO experience (optional) 10. GO is completed! *GOM = group order manager

Why does a member preference apply for some items?

All items with random collectible photocards/postcards/bookmarks/etc will be unsealed on arrival in Brisbane, and the collectible items sorted for the entire GO. This will be clearly listed in the product page, so make sure to double-check it! Sorting operates on a first come, first served basis, so the earlier you join the GO, the better chance you'll have of receiving your first preference (depending on the luck of the GO as a whole too). When you sign-up as a member, this is the last question on the form - always start with your 1st preference and list all of the members (please also include Group in case of OT7 items). If you don't mind which member your receive in the GO, simply enter Random instead. e.g. Group, V, j-hope, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin. To change your member preference, please send an email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com - we're currently working on adding a dedicated Member Preference page in your account, so you can update these at any time on your own!

Do any GO fees apply to your group orders?

GO fee A small fee will now be added during checkout for all group orders received after 21 October 2020. In your cart, it will be displayed as 'Shipping fee' but this is just the GO fee (only way to add as default into every order) - actual shipping fees will be charged separately! As this site is run without intention of making any profits, 100% of this amount will go towards the cost of website maintenance, general group order overheads, and to help subsidise the cost of DHL and support event fees where possible! AUD$ orders = AUD $2.00 fee USD$ orders = USD $1.00 fee Eco-Packaging fee Please head to the domestic delivery faq for more info!

How can I get the most out of my GO experience?

1. Sign-up as a full member to track your order history and domestic deliveries, earn membership badges, and buy/register for tickets to events 2. Always make payments immediately after placing an order through the website, and email a copy of your receipt to us. 3. Add gowithyeontan@gmail.com to your email contacts (add as a VIP in your phone, so you always get alerts right away), to avoid missing important communications! Reply to emails as soon as you see them - we handle a high volume of orders, and need everyone to stay on top of their responses too! 4. Always read the product, blog and FAQ pages carefully, and know and understand your responsibilities as a buyer!

Can I cancel my order?

Sorry, but the answer is always no! Once you join a GO, check-out and make your payment you cannot decide to cancel! There is no exception to this rule. We've moved away from Google Forms, but our order process is the same - once you join, you are 100% committed to all payment deadlines, and cannot drop-out for any reason! Only the GOM may cancel an order (e.g. if a buyer is blacklisted and their order cannot be accepted), or if an item goes out of stock.

Can I order items from fansites (including fanmade items)?

Generally, we don't provide open GOs for fansite or fanmade items, due to the difficult nature of ordering, lengthy production times and delays, and inability to refund/replace goods (refer T&C page of the website). If you really want an item and can't source it anywhere else, you can request an item through the site for us to research and consider. Please check the individual items faq for more information. Note: There are other Aus GOM around who trade in fansite/fanmade goods - you should be able to locate them via Twitter (please do not request a referral).

international shipping

What is international shipping?

International shipping is the cost of sending an item from an overseas country to Australia (e.g. Seoul to Brisbane). In a GO, this cost is split and shared equitably between all buyers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only DHL services are currently available; generally, DHL is a much faster and more reliable service, but also costs a little more than EMS from South Korea. Note: Unless advised by the GOM, domestic delivery to the overseas country is already included in the cost of the goods deposit payment (usually orders qualfiy for free domestic shipping).

Can you estimate how much international shipping will cost for my order?

Unfortunately, exact international shipping estimates are not available and cannot be calculated ahead of time for you. This is due to the varying nature of the size, metric volume, shape and weight of items that may by included in a box, and how many buyers are sharing the cost of that GO. The below figures are a VERY approximate guide only, and shouldn't be considered an accurate indication of what your shared fee may be once calculated! 1 x packet photocards AUD $2.00 - $8.00 1 x regular album or book AUD $10.00 - $18.00 1 x deluxe album package AUD $16.00 - $30.00 1 x regular Blu-Ray or DVD AUD $16.00 - $30.00 1 x deluxe DVD or book package AUD $18.00 - $35.00 1 x hoodie/sweatshirt AUD $18.00 - 30.00

What are import duties and will they apply to my order?

When combining orders for shipping to Australia, we always ensure that all Australian guidelines around importing goods are strictly followed! However, the receiving shipping company (e.g. DHL) inspect each box during the customs process, and may decide to apply their own valuation to the goods, regardless of whether or not the attached forms and goods values are correct to the last cent; this is unfortunately completely out of our control. Note: This has only very recently been an issue (due to COVID-19), as the guidelines were last updated in 2018. Hopefully EMS returns in early 2021!!!! DHL (or Australia Post for EMS when available again) will then calculate an import duty for the box, and send an invoice to the GOM that must be paid immediately in order to safely release the items in Brisbane (otherwise they may be returned to sender). What should you do? As a safety net, we recommend that you budget 20% of the value of your order (e.g. set aside 20% x your order value in AUD$), in case DHL decides to apply an import duty to the box your goods are packed in. If an import duty is due, the GOM will split the fee between all buyers with goods in the box/es and send emails out with their individual share for payment (due within 24 hours).

How long will it take to receive my order?

Depending on the country (Korea, Japan, US) and the shop/company the order was placed through (Weverse Shop, magazine publisher, etc), it will usually take a few weeks from arrival at our address in the origin country to arrival in Brisbane. This can be impacted by slow dispatch from the shop due to large volumes of pre-orders (e.g. BTS album release), small or individual order items that must wait to be consolidated in a big box to be sent to Australia, delays in buyers paying DHL fees (fee is paid in full once all individual payments have been collected), and many more things outside the GOM control! Please check the faqs regarding collection and domestic delivery for timeframes around these stages.

order collection & domestic delivery

What service do you use to send orders in Australia?

Depending on your location, we'll use a combination of services to get your order safely out to you! For very remote and rural areas, it can be more cost-effective to use Australia Post in most cases. For cities and inner regional areas, your order will be sent with Sendle, using their 100% carbon neutral courier network, which is faster, safer and much more affordable when compared to Australia Post (please do not request to change services - a STREET address must be provided for delivery).

How much will domestic delivery cost?

Unfortunately, an exact estimate of your domestic delivery fee is not available! However, we can confirm that if your package is dispatched with Sendle, any album + poster tube orders can be bundled together and you'll only need to pay one delivery fee (Australia Post will still incur two separate charges). Our new eco-packaging is provided at a flat rate fee to cover the cost of pre-purchased stock (directly replaces the cost of Australia Post's non-eco packaging), and will be added to your calculated delivery fee, as below: Domestic delivery fee structure Eco-packaging flat rate fee + calculated Sendle delivery fee (from AUD $6.95) + optional Sendle added insurance (or other optional add-ons for Australia Post like signature on delivery, etc) Eco-packaging for small package (A4 size) = AUD $3.00 Eco-packaging for large package = AUD $4.00 Eco-packaging for extra large package = AUD $5.00 Eco-packaging for poster tube = Purchased on request only, cost price in store Insurance up to AUD $100 value is FREE Added insurance up to AUD $200 value is + AUD $1.95 Added insurance up to AUD $300 value is + AUD $3.90 Added insurance up to AUD $400 value is + AUD $5.85 Top-up (as required) The fee is the best estimate by the GOM based on weight x dimension. If Sendle or AusPost calculate the fee differently, you will be required to top-up the difference (GOM account is charged in advance). Remember, you may also be able to request a hold/combined delivery if you have several orders arriving around the same time (currently, holds are limited to 2 weeks after arrival).

What happens if my order goes missing or is damaged during domestic delivery?

Depending on the value insured with Sendle (and if you paid for the optional insurance), we will submit a missing/damage claim on your behalf to reimburse either part/full value of your order (up to AUD $100 is automatically covered). Please note that for small parcels (A4 size or smaller), or if you have selected Authority to Leave, an insurance claim may not be possible due to Sendle policy. Australia Post provides limited insurance, but a claim will also be submitted where possible for any damage/loss caused by Australia Post during transit. If your missing/damaged item is still available to order, a replacement can be ordered with the refunded value, or you may choose to simply keep your refund and close your order request. In this case, any international shipping charges must be paid again, as they are not covered by insurance.

How do I compost my mailing satchel?!

Great question! You can simply pop into your normal rubbish bin, where the satchel will very quickly and safely break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter in any industrial landfill. The same thing will happen in your home composter, so if you have one, absolutely use it! Our large composting satchels smell soo delicious because they're made from 100% bio-based materials including NatureWorks PLA, corn and PBAT- a fossil fuel derivative that provides strength and flexibility. If you receive a landfill biodegradable satchel instead, you can also simply put into your normal rubbish bin (as above), or drop-off to a soft plastic recyclable centre (usually found outside Coles and Woolworths).

Can I collect my order in person?

Yes, of course! As long as you can travel to Brisbane, we can arrange for you to collect your order face to face at a collection day/meet-up. Note: Please follow all QLD government and venue COVID-19 sign-in, social distancing and other safety requirements during all meet-ups. Currently, collections can be arranged at the following locations/days (depending on GOM work and personal schedule): Brisbane CBD Monday to Friday, usually after 5.30pm (sometimes 12pm-2pm timeslots may be available) - may be cancelled at short notice due to urgent work commitments. Westfield Chermside Currently unavailable Westfield Garden City Occasionally available (based on personal schedule) Westfield North Lakes Coming soon (mid-2022, will replace Chermside meet-ups) How to RSVP to a collection day All buyers with orders ready for pick-up will receive an email containing an invite to RSVP to the collection day event via the website (especially for large quantity GOs). Timeslots/days may be limited due to COVID-19 requirements and/or GOM physical carrying capacity (e.g. for heavy/large items). If you can't make the set date, don't worry! You can follow the instructions provided in the event to organise an alternate collection date that works for you. Please note that bulky/heavy orders cannot be collected from Brisbane CBD due to health and safety issues. Buyers with these types of orders will need to pay for domestic delivery (click and collect may be available for select trusted buyers only).

I have a few orders I think will arrive around the same time. Can you hold/combine them for me?

Sometimes! The maximum possible hold time is 2 weeks from date of arrival in Brisbane (of your first item/order), due to very limited storage space. If you have orders arriving within 2 weeks of each other (or less), please include a request during checkout for us to review, or send a separate email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com to discuss in more detail and get approval for hold/combination. We're happy to accommodate where possible (especially if you can save on domestic delivery), so please always reach out to us first and we'll see what we can do! Applies to both combined domestic delivery and combined collection via meet-up!

After my order arrives in Brisbane, how long will it take for me to receive it?

This depends on a few things! Usually, we try to get orders out to buyers as soon as possible! However, this can depend on GOM personal schedule/availbility to sort and package late at night (full-time work, long hours), packaging materials in stock, on-time delivery fee payments (7 days due date is always given), and many other factors! If you've received your domestic delivery fee email and paid in full (bank transfers can take - 3-7 days to clear), your order will usually be sent out the next business day. Depending on your location, delivery times vary between 1-11 days.

Do you offer local drop-off for Brisbane?

NEW!! Yes, local delivery (drop-off) is now available for Brisbane inner city suburbs (within 50km of Brisbane CBD, subject to GOM availability); a delivery fee will apply to cover vehicle running costs, etc, as below: Base fee: AUD $5.00 Per kilometre fee to your street address and return: AUD $0.20 per km Tolls: As applicable Parking fee: As applicable EXAMPLE Delivery fee from GOM to Mt Gravatt Round trip km: 19.1km x 2 = 38.20km Base fee: AUD $5.00 Per km fee: AUD $7.64 Tolls: N/A Parking fee: N/A Total fee: AUD $12.64 To request a quote for local delivery, please email gowithyeontan@gmail.com with your order items for delivery, your street address and your availability (after 7pm weekdays, or weekends only). Note: Distances will be calculated using Google maps (no top-ups for variations for actual driving time/kms), and the fees will include any applicable tolls for the fastest route, or where free parking isn't readily available.


I found a GO I want to join! How do I make a payment?

How to pay At this time, we can only accept manual payment, which must be made via PayPal (Friends & Family) or Bank Transfer. All amounts listed on the site are in AUD$ (unless specifically stated otherwise on your custom quote). After submitting your order request through the checkout (or on receiving your custom quote via email), make sure you immediately organise your payment! Orders received without payment by the due date provided will not be processed, and you will receive a cancellation notice. Note: Custom quote pricing is only valid on the day we provide it to you (up to 11.59pm AEST). If unpaid, a new quote may need to be issued due to variable exhange rates.
Ordering in AUD$ Payments in AUD$ are available via PayPal or Bank Transfer. However, Bank Transfer may not be available for some GOs, due to the slow processing time. Note: Bank Transfers have recently changed to ANZ - please double check you are sending funds to the correct account! *Please do not convert any $ amounts yourself - ask us for help if you need it* Ordering in USD$ It's possible that some custom orders may be payable in USD$ - in this case, we will let you know, and can accept USD$ via PayPal (Friends & Family only). Paying for other fees? To make things easier in the later stages of the GO, international shipping and domestic delivery fees can be paid with either PayPal or bank transfer and will always be converted to AUD$ for you! Payment details and other information will be provided separately via email when these fees are due.

How will I know if my order request was successful?

When you submit an order request for a product using the website, you will receive an initial confirmation. However, as all payments are set to manual, your order won't be confirmed until you make your payment in full and send a copy of your receipt to us via chat message, or by email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com. Please use your order request number or custom quote number as the email subject line to help us match your payment up! Once your payment has been verified and your item/s ordered, an invoice confirmation will be sent to you via email from gowithyeontan@gmail.com (this is not a request for payment, and will only be sent out to confirm your successful order - check the email for any extra notes about your order). Make sure to add our email to your contact list so our messages don't go to junk/spam folders!

Do I need a PayPal account to order?

PayPal is our preferred payment method, as we use PayPal to order from Weverse Shop and this means there is no process delay = your items can immediately be ordered, before they go out of stock. Bank transfers generally take 2-5 business days or longer, and depending on the volume of current orders we have, we may require your funds to clear in full before we can place your order (which means for quick GOs and high demand items, your order request may be unsuccessful). Note: Bank Transfers have recently changed to ANZ - please double check you are sending funds to the correct account! If you don't have a PayPal account you can set one up through the official site here or ask a friend to help you with payment (let us know their name when you send through your payment receipt, so we can match it to your order). Note: We can only accept PayPal via Friends & Family. If applicable to the GO (e.g. fanmade or fansite goods), the PayPal Goods & Services fee will be built into the item price, and paid on behalf of the entire GO.

Are GOs listed in USD$ or AUD$?

All pricing on the site has now been switched over to AUD$, and is generally based on PayPal exchange rates + any card fees that may apply for international transactions (Japan, US). Please make sure when sending your payment, that it's the correct amount in AUD$! For ease of ordering and to reduce incorrect payments, items may be rounded to the nearest 50c when converted from another currency. All goods deposits will converted and set once a GO opens, and kept at the same amount for the duration of the group order (so everyone pays the same amount). As previously, we are still unable to accept any buyer conversions - if you're unsure about anything, please send us a chat message or email for help!

What are payment waves?

As it's impossible to accurately calculate how much a GO will cost in total, order payments are split into stages or 'payment waves'. Payment waves can include some (or all) of the below, and will vary with each order: 1. Goods deposit (usually includes domestic shipping to Korea) 2. Top-up for domestic shipping to Korea (only if required) 3. Shared international shipping (usually via DHL) 4. Customs duty (e.g. GST fee of 10% may be payable) 5. Domestic delivery fee within Australia (if requested) Please check the international shipping and domestic delivery pages for more information and facts about estimates! Note: Customs duty has never been applicable to GOs, but in the case that DHL determines that fees are payable, each buyer will be required to pay the equivalent of 10% of their total goods order value.


What type of events will be available?

We organise and curate events for ARMY in Brisbane, such as birthday cafe and cupholder days, mini-exhibitions, ARMY picnics and dinners! Past events include: Singvlarity cafe support for BTS V & Jin birthdays (2018) BTS Burn the Stage film support in Brisbane (2018) Sope World cafe support for BTS Suga & j-hope birthdays (2019) Sope Twilight Picnic for BTS Suga & j-hope birthdays and GO (2019) First Love cafe support for BTS 6th debut anniversary (2019) BTS World Tour : Love Yourself support for live film screening in Seoul (2019) Run ARMY cafe support for BTS FESTA (2019) Map of the Soul : Persona cafe support for comeback (2019) At this point in time, events in other states are unavailable (but gifts can be mailed out within Australia on request, delivery at buyer's expense). Order collection The events page will also be used to organise collection days for GOs! Invites will be emailed out to buyers for RSVP (and with further details).

How can I keep up to date with upcoming events?

Easy! You can subscribe to the website for email updates, or keep an eye on the order updates & blog page for event announcements. All current and upcoming events will be published on the events page so you can read all about it, and RSVP for any you'd like to join! Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, it's possible that some events will have limited attendance numbers - if you miss out, please let us know so we can add you in if someone has to cancel! If a small fee applies to join the event (e.g. to go towards shared cost of food or venue hire), this info will be added to the event page!

I RSVP'd or paid a fee for an event, but now I can't make it

As long as we can find someone to take your place, any fees paid will be 100% refunded. Please ensure you give a minimum of 48 hours notice via email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com. Unfortunately, if your fee has already been put towards food, drinks, or venue hire by the time you get in touch, we will be unable to provide a refund if you can't find a replacement. If you just need to change your RSVP, simply email gowithyeontan@gmail.com with the details, or fill in the contact form on the home page.

Are there any events planned for the rest of 2020?

Due to COVID restrictions in QLD, it's been a pretty quiet year for support events! As it's slowly becoming safer to gather together, the following events have been tentatively planned for Brisbane: Saturday 29 November 2020 (to be confirmed) BTS BE GO collection & picnic Wednesday 30 December 2020 (to be confirmed) BTS V birthday cafe support event (cupholder + photocards) Please check the order updates & blog and events pages for official announcements!

individual orders

I'm looking for an item that isn't included in any open group orders?

If there's a particular item you'd like to order outside of the official GOs, we're usually able to purchase these for you as an individual order instead (including Weverse Shop). Korea For Korea, individual orders will be added to a GO box, so that you can still benefit from shared international shipping (if your order value is small, you may need to pay a small domestic shipping fee to Korea). Japan & US For Japan and the US, you may be required to pay the full international shipping fee if there are no other items arriving that we can bundle your together with (note: this can be quite an expensive option e.g. Japan international shipping for 1 DVD = AUD $60.00 - $130.00). How to make a request *UPDATED* Pease visit the request an item page and submit your item details there (always include a link to the item page, except for Weverse Shop). Once we've reviewed your request, we'll send you a link to a custom product page (your name/@ will be tagged), so you can checkout as normal with your custom order and track it in My Account. Your custom product page will be deleted the same day, so please ensure that you checkout and complete your payment as soon as possible! Once your payment has been verified and we've placed your order, you'll receive a final confirmation invoice via email. Note: There's no need to provide translations for Korean or Japanese sites, but please fill the request form in English!

Can I still order via Twitter or Facebook DM?

In order to help us track orders more easily, quick orders (e.g. no advance notice given before release) that used to be accepted via Twitter DM or Facebook messenger will now need to be submitted through the website! 1. We can open a GO for your item It takes no time to whip up a product page for new items if we think a few people will be interested in joining, so keep an eye on the open group orders page, add the item/s you want to your cart, and make your manual payment immediately after checking out, so we can secure your order. 2. We can create an individual order for your item Please check the next answer for more info! Payment options If the item you request is going to immediately sell out (e.g. released without notice on Weverse Shop), only PayPal will be available as a payment option. All prices will be provided in AUD$ Note: Normal terms & conditions apply to all item requests!

staff hours

What hours are you available to place orders and answer questions?

go with yeontan is currently run by one person (cami) on a volunteer basis, with occasional help from close friends (especially when events are running)! Website chat function Always online/available (download the Wix app and sign-in to get instant replies) Weverse Shop releases Always online/available Order requests & custom quotes See days/hours below Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Limited availability during work hours 5:00pm - 7:00pm Custom quotes unavailable due to transit 7:00pm - 11:59pm Generally online/available (depending on personal schedule) Saturday - Sunday 10:00am - 11:59pm Generally online/available (depending on personal schedule) These are just guidelines, and we'll always get back to you as soon as possible!

site membership

Do I need to sign-up as a full member before I can place an order?

Yes! If you order without signing up as a full member, you will not be able to access your Order History. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to keep track of GOs you've joined The new member sign-up form will pop-up for you if you're browsing on the site or go to My Account or login. From here, you can access your order history and update your personal details anytime. Sign-up is free! If you don't want to sign-up as a full member, you can just add your email to the mailing list to stay in the loop instead. Make sure to sign-up so you're always ready to checkout!