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BTS BOX 39 and (some) Coldplay x BTS singles have arrived!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

BTS Box 39 and the Coldplay x BTS 'My Universe' CD singles from the UK have all arrived safely!

Goods included

  • BTS MOTS ON:E Blu-Ray

  • Coldplay x BTS CD single (both versions, partial)

  • BTS PTD official merchandise (partial)

  • Jimin birthday support (custom order)

  • BTS TMoney (Butter version - no photos)

  • Replacement photo sets for BTS Memories of 2019


The first pre-order of PTD merch was split into Boxes 39-40, due to staggered arrival times in Korea, so only a few items came in Box 39!

It looks like there is one missing batch of Coldplay x BTS CD singles (normal version) and they sent the wrong quantity for what's turned up... I've emailed the Coldplay Store to investigate and send a replacement order :/

2 x normal CDs will be substituted with Epiphane version as it's totally sold out (incorrect qty sent by store)

2 x normal CDs will be substituted with Epiphane version (GOM ordered replacements, pending refund claim via store)

2 x Epiphane CDs missing (GOM ordered replacements, pending refund claim via store)

In the meantime (and so buyers don't miss out in case the store never replies or refunds, or it sells out again), I have gone ahead and placed an extra order for the Epiphane edition to replace the missing items out of my own pocket.. so if the store sends replacements/refunds the order later, I'll just have to do a stock sale for the spares! Postage/collection for the missing order will be held until this is sorted out, so there might be a short wait for a few people :)

BTS Box 40 is on the way and expected to arrive late next week - one person still hasn't paid their fees, so I'll send a follow up message soon (unpaid orders will be held until all fees are paid in full).

Thank you,


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