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[OPEN] BTS Butter physical releases on pre-order now!

Updated: May 13, 2021

10 May - Last vinyls ordered from Weverse Shop, so this GO is now closed! All final confirmations have been sent out to buyers.

9 May - Limited vinyl slots open for tomorrow's Weverse Shop pre-order to fill the batch (if you'd like to order a cassette instead, please send a chat or email to request a slot to be added).

8 May - Vinyl sold out on US store > US pre-order GO has now closed

Physical releases for BTS' upcoming digital single, Butter, have officially been announced!

Orders will be placed via the BTS Official US Store until sold out (June 2021 release).

A second GO may be run for the Weverse Shop store later if there is a demand (27 October 2021 release - usually vinyl is delayed as well).

Both vinyl and cassette are currently available, but usually sell out quickly as they're limited edition!

Link to pre-order 7" Vinyl single and Cassette single (US release)

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