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[DHL FEES] Boxes 11 & 12 are ready to ship!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

*28 Jan - All unpaid fees have now been received, and both boxes are on the way!

ETA Wed 3 Feb - Fri 5 Feb

Hello ARMY!

The following GOs have arrived at my Korean address, and are now boxed up and ready to be sent to Brisbane:

- BTS SG 2021 (Batch 2)

- Boy With Luv binder sets & add-ons

- BTS ON:E concert merchandise (Batch 2)

- Assorted fansite seasons greetings (custom order)

Please check your email (including your junk/spam) for your individual share of the DHL international shipping fee; late payments will affect other buyers in the order, so please make sure that your payment is made by the due date!

This post will be updated with an ETA (once all fees have been paid)

Thank you,


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