[EVENT] Celebrating 8 years together with BTS & ARMY!!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

*21 Jul - Group t-shirt order has been closed - fingers crossed, but they should be printed for collection at the event! However, due to price increases and t-shirt stock shortages, the supplier has been changed to a local printer in Brisbane - any future orders placed will be at the increased price point (sorry)!!

We're doing something a little different for our anniversary celebrations this year!

Come join our tree planting volunteer community group, as we pitch in to help revitalise and revegetate the banks of the Caboolture River for future generations to enjoy!

Full details about the day (what to bring, schedule, how to get there) and instructions on how to RSVP (free) can be accessed from the dedicated event page linked below:


[CLOSED] And if you'd like to join the group t-shirt order, please click the link below (AUD $30.00 each, will be ready to collect and wear on the day of the event):


*소우주 SOWOOZOO is the Korean song title for Mikrokosmos and the theme for this year's Muster/FESTA

Can't wait to see everyone again for such a special event!!


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