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[FEDEX FEE] BTS Boxes 28-29 are ready to ship!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

*12 July - Boxes 28-29 have arrived in Brisbane!

*5 July - Box 29 has been paid and shipped in advance = please pay your shipping fees by the due date!

*2 July - Box 28 has been paid and shipped in advance

Hello! The last few items for the June orders arrived and we have two more boxes ready to go :)

Note: DHL Express is now available (but its around 20-30% more expensive than FedEx), so we're continuing to use FedEx for now!

GOs included in BTS Boxes 28-29 (Korea):

  • FESTA D-DAY calendars (batch 2)

  • MOTS Concept Photobook set (inc poster tube) and single versions (2nd pre-order)

  • SOWOOZOO Muster official merchandise (first pre-order)

  • SHINee soju glases

  • BTS x James Jean SEVEN PHASES

Reminder: There is no additional charge for PC sharing sets, as shipping was already included.

Emails have been sent out today to all buyers (Fri 2 July). As the fees are quite high (even with shared shipping), the due date has been extended to Friday 9 July - if you'd like a further extension, please reply to your shipping email to request :)

Note: The dimensional weight of each MOTS photobook set is approx. 4kg as they're very bulky! Photos/notice was posted a few weeks ago in the GO thread on Twitter in relation to this. The single versions are also large and have been checked/calculated in proportion to the set.

Other orders arriving in Korea between now and the end of July 2021 include:

  • Butter official merchandise (1st pre-order)

  • BTS film viewer reel sets

  • Butter CD single sets & single versions

  • BTS x McDonalds Release 1

  • Butter merchandise (2nd pre-order)

Please check the June and July combined domestic delivery request posts for more info!

Thank you,


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