[FEDEX FEE] BTS Boxes 37-38 are shipping today!

ETA Friday 1 October - Friday 8 October

International shipping fees for BTS Boxes 37 and 38 have been sent out to all buyers, and include the following GOs:

  • BTS x McDonalds (2nd release and remaining 1st release items)

  • BTS SOWOOZOO (2nd preorder)


The full shipping fees for both boxes have been paid in advance to avoid storage fees (due to the 3-day Chuseok national holiday in Korea), so please make sure you send your payment by the due date (no extensions are available).

Note: Due to the new storage limit/capacity at my warehouse in Korea, I've had to reschedule the way orders are combined and shipped to Australia. This means that I now have to clear my warehouse every 3 weeks, to allow enough time for repacking, splitting and payment of fees. As I already carefully combine boxes by approximate dimension/weight/value, this shouldn't have too much of an impact, but just be aware that FedEx Fee updates will now occur more frequently!

Thank you,


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