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[FEDEX FEE] International shipping due for Boxes 15-19!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

*9 Mar - Boxes 15-19 have been shipped out and should arrive in Brisbane by approx. Wed 17 March.

One buyer has not paid their fees, and has been sent a GO warning - I have covered the fees in order to have the box shipped but will not be releasing their goods until all fees are paid in full.

*5 March - 3 of 5 boxes have been paid in full! Thank you to those who paid early and sent in screenshots, it helps so much!

Hello everyone! I sent out around 70 international shipping fee emails out today to buyers for for the below GOs:

- BTS D-ICON (Group and Members)

- BTS BE Essential Edition album (inc gifts)

- BTS Winter Package (just a few, the rest are still on the way)

- BTS Dynamite Limited Edition Cassette (Batch 2)

- Extra fansite SG stock

Note: DHL is currently unavailable, so all boxes will be sent via FedEx express (which actually takes between 1.5 - 2 weeks to arrive in Australia), and costs around 20% more in fees. I'm sorry for the extra fee, but unfortunately it's out of my control - thank you for understanding and hopefully we can go back to DHL soon (although actually, DHL prices have recently increased as well...).

Please check your emails (including junk/spam folders) and make sure you send your payment in time! Late payments will affect the other buyers in your Box who have paid on time, so please keep that in mind and get in touch with me at if you need to!

Due 5pm tomorrow, Saturday 6 March 2021

Will update this thread as boxes ship, then create a separate posts as everything arrives in the next 2 weeks or so.

Thank you,


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