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[FEDEX FEE] BTS Boxes 25-27 are ready to ship!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

*12 July - Box 26 has (finally) arrived in Brisbane!

*5 Jul - Boxes 25 and 27 have arrived in Brisbane and sorting has been completed. All MOTS concept books will be held until 2nd pre-order arrives around mid-June (waiting for later shipping payments)

*24 June - Box 25 has been shipped from Korea (ETA Fri 2 July)

Hello! Thank you to everyone who's been waiting for these items to ship - I was waiting for the last D-DAY calendars, but they're still a little way off and I've reshuffled them to allow these orders to be sent out (will be in the next boxes)!

Please note that I also requested a comparison quote for Premium EMS and it ended up being even more expensive than FedEx :( DHL (our preferred shipping company for GOs) is currently offline until August (with any luck) and normal EMS (the most cost effective option) has still not resumed to Australia due to limited flights, etc.

GOs included in BTS Boxes 25-27 (Korea):

  • Dynamite 7" vinyl single

  • MOTS Concept Photobook set (inc poster tube) and single versions (1st pre-order)

  • D-DAY Calendar

  • Official film viewer special set

  • Learning KOREAN! with TinyTAN

Emails have been sent out today to all buyers (Thu 24 June). As the fees are quite high (even with shared shipping), the due date has been extended to Friday 2 July - if you'd like a further extension, please reply to your shipping email to request :)

Note: The dimensional weight of each MOTS photobook set is approx. 4kg as they're very bulky! Photos/notice was posted a few weeks ago in the GO thread on Twitter in relation to this. The single versions are also large and have been checked/calculated in proportion to the set.

Other orders arriving in Korea between now and the end of July 2021 include:

  • MOTS Concept Photobook set (inc poster tube) and single versions (2nd pre-order)

  • BTS 2021 MUSTER SOOWOOZOO (1st pre-order)

  • SHINee soju glasses

  • Butter official merchandise (1st pre-order)

  • BTS film viewer reel sets

  • Butter CD single sets & single versions

  • BTS x McDonalds Release 1

  • Butter merchandise (2nd pre-order)

Thank you,


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