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[FEDEX FEE] BTS Boxes 20-22 are ready to ship!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


*27 April - Last few Winter Packages being sent via AusPost are left to go, all orders have now been sent/collected!

*23 Mar - Boxes 20-21 will arrive by the end of this week, Box 22 has only shipped today. Please note that all Winter Packages will now be delayed for an additional 1-2 weeks from today (ETA 6 April 2021).

*16 Mar - One buyer has not paid, and is holding the last box up! Please check your emails if you haven't paid for Winter Package shipping - warning and reminder has been sent out to you.

Please note that payment confirmation emails will never be sent out due to the volume of emails/payments I'm already dealing with; I'll only be in touch if your fee is overdue. Likely ETA for all boxes and sorting for all buyers to be completed will now be mid April, due to this delay (outside of GOM control).

International shipping fees are now due for the below GOs:

- BTS Winter Package (just a few, the rest are still on the way)

Note: DHL is currently unavailable, so all boxes will be sent via FedEx express (which actually takes between 1.5 - 2 weeks to arrive in Australia), and costs around 20% more in fees. I'm sorry for the extra fee, but unfortunately it's out of my control - thank you for understanding and hopefully we can go back to DHL soon (although actually, DHL prices have recently increased as well...).

Please check your emails (including junk/spam folders) and make sure you send your payment in time! Late payments will affect the other buyers in your Box who have paid on time, so please keep that in mind and get in touch with me at if you need to!

Due 5pm tomorrow, Saturday 13 March 2021

Will update this thread as boxes ship, then create a separate posts as everything arrives in the next 2 weeks or so!

Thank you,


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