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Updated: Oct 5, 2021


Hello everyone,

Just posting a bit of a summary of my more frequent Twitter updates, for those of you who don't use SNS much and usually visit the blog to find out what's happening.

  • BTS Boxes 33-36 have arrived in Brisbane safely and are on hold; they haven't been unsealed yet, so unboxing photos have not been posted

  • BTS Boxes 37-38 will ship today, ETA in early October (fees are due)

As most of you already know, I'm currently in the process of building a house (which has been an unbelievably, almost inconceivably difficult and all-consuming experience so far), have a very stressful and demanding professional workload (where I often can't leave the office until 6.30-7.00pm at night), and have had to significantly reduce the time I can dedicate to group orders in the last few months. I also rarely have a clear schedule on weekends and visit the build site every Sunday, so even having the basic time to rest/recover/focus any resources at all on my health before the week starts again is just non-existent at the moment.

I'll be taking a short period of leave from work from next Tuesday 28 October and will be balancing this time off between trying to recover my health, attending to our build (as we're moving to construction in October), prepping for our 8th FESTA community tree planting event, and working slowly through the current Boxes 33-36 (and incoming Boxes 37-38).

  • Sorting for BTS Boxes 33-36 will commence from 6 Oct > until finished

  • Collection days are not available until I'm back at work after Tue 19 October 2021, due to other personal arrangements

  • Orders may collected at the BTS 8th FESTA tree planting event and picnic - please select the 10 October 2021 date after you receive an email notice, if you will be attending and can collect your order on the day

  • Domestic delivery orders will packed up slowly and emails sent out once fees have been calculated, from 6 October.

  • Courier collection will have normal timeframes after payment, AusPost will be delayed until after Tue 19 October, as I cannot get to the post office.

  • If you're in Brisbane, don't forget to RSVP if you can come along to tree planting too! It's just a few weeks away now and it will be such a lovely day!

Please understand that as normal, I won't be answering individual follow-up queries that are already answered in the website blog/Twitter updates. I do not answer GO related DMs via Instagram or Twitter, as I rarely see them and they cannot be tracked/matched to each buyer easily.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and patient, and offered support and encouragement during this time. I always see the sweet comments in your emails and payment notes, and I'm sad that it will still be a long wait before some of us can meet in person!

Take care of yourselves and each other, and I'll be in touch soon xx



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