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Hello everyone!

Domestic delivery

Just one late parcel left to schedule for collection, so only photocards are waiting to be packed and sent out from the last boxes. Will try and get to these tonight!

Collections (all locations)

...are still on hold (sorry)! I was unavailable last week due to illness/work, then the website was down over the weekend (technical issues, but all fixed now), and I'll be away in Adelaide until next week visiting family.

Please note that construction of our house FINALLY starts tomorrow, so all collections will be subject to both my work and (strict) build appointment schedules for the next 7-9 months

Will try and organise meet-up times for Wed-Thu next week, once I'm back in Brisbane and know what's happening :)

Coldplay x BTS singles

All orders have been om hold in London for a few weeks now; looks like not many flights are currently available to Australia! As they're being handled by AusPost, I've been keeping a close eye on them, and will update once they finally arrive in Brisbane (note: tracking wasn't provided for the last order for some reason).

BTS Boxes 39-40

Just waiting for FedEx fees to be calculated, so international shipping fees will be sent out soon (will be due before 4 November 2021).

Thank you,


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