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[NOTICE] GOs available for combined domestic delivery JULY

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


I'll be organising combined domestic delivery on a schedule that will be posted to this blog as they become available. This is the batch for July!

Due to very limited storage capacity at my house, I'm unable to hold onto large amounts of items for any extended period, but will do my best to combine where reasonable and save a little cost for ARMYs outside of Brisbane!

Please note that all arrivals will now be automatically sorted and combined - if you would like your orders sent separately for any reason, you'll need to send an email to to flag this with me and request.

GOs available for combined domestic delivery in July

  • BTS Butter official merchandise (first pre-order only)

  • BTS Butter CD single

  • BTS Film Reels (new types)

  • BTS x THE FACT Photobook *leftover from JUNE list*

  • BTS Dynamite - Limited Edition 7" Vinyl *leftover from JUNE list*

  • BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK (all types) *leftover from JUNE list*

  • BTS FESTA D-DAY Calendar (all batches)

  • BTS x Rolling Stone (group AND individual member covers) *leftover from JUNE list*

  • BTS Butter Vinyl & Cassette singles (US only)*leftover from JUNE list*

  • BTS x Rolling Stone (all magazines from the special box sets) *leftover from JUNE list*

The next list should be posted around mid-August after Memories of 2019 + 2020 are received safely in Korea :)

Thank you,


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