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[NOTICE] Changes to shipping & domestic delivery

International shipping

DHL is still offline, so all packages from Korea will be sent via FedEx or EMS Premium (depending on which service suits best). Fingers crossed it's back in the next few weeks, as it's always been the best international shipping service!

Warehouse fees have also slightly increased for Korea, but this is already shared in each box as part of the international shipping fee, so no changes there :)

Domestic delivery

Sendle have increased some of their delivery prices effective 7 April 2021, but remote rates have been reduced by up to 19% for parcels ≤ 3kg; this means that ARMYs in regional areas may now be able to access Sendle services and receive their packages with less delays! All domestic delivery calculations will now reflect the new rates.

More info

GO eco-packaging fees will not be increased/affected by any of the updates above.

Please refer to the FAQ, Terms & Conditions and Eco-Friendly Initiatives pages for more information!

Thank you,


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