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[NOTICE] International shipping fees due for BTS Box 47!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

*28 Jan - There was a delay in advice from the warehouse due to the New Year holidays in Korea; Box 47 is currently on standby at Incheon as there are no available EMS flights to Korea for at least 2 weeks (possibly longer). Once the parcel status changes I'll post an update on the blog!

Emails have been sent out to all buyers, so please check and make sure you send by the due date, as I've paid the full fee in advance to prevent any more storage fees being applied (due to some items arriving in December, waiting to be shipped).


  • Talk with BTS

  • BTS Motipen

  • Epik High Seasons Greetings 2022

  • BTS Little Wishes stock order

  • Fansite SG (custom orders)

I've sent this box via EMS as it was considerably less expensive than FedEx this time; please note that if the package is rejected at the airport, everyone will be required to send a top-up fee to cover the extra cost to send with FedEx.. fingers crossed it's fine!

Thank you,


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