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[NOTICE] Moving update and changes to meet-ups!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hello ARMY!

Thank you to everyone who's been waiting so patiently for updates (and orders)! It's been a super difficult few weeks for me between my work and personal schedules, including unexpectedly moving house with three days notice last week - we just finished vacating on Monday, and have only had time to unpack essentials at our new place (e.g. we have two mugs and it took me 40 minutes to find baking powder last night :O).

BTS Boxes 49-52 are sitting safe and sound in my temporary BTS storage room, and I'm hoping to start unboxing and sorting Muster and Sowoozoo items from this weekend onwards.

Note: I have a minor hand/arm (and now back) injury from moving, which is slowing me down a lot (and means I can't lift/maneuver anything bigger than a coffee cup right now).


Due to my new home location, Westfield North Lakes is now my closest shopping centre for meet-ups (exact location to be decided later - need to scope it out)! I'll be removing Westfield Chermside and Westfield Garden City from the collection list at checkout, as I'm unable to meet at these locations easily.

Brisbane CBD meet-ups will be scaled back (due to physical carrying capacity on public transport and longer/more erratic working hours in my new role), so I'll be reinstating limited collection slots - you'll receive an email when your order is ready for collection, so please log in and RSVP through the website to book a spot! I also recommend that GO buyers download the Wix app for faster DM communication, as I may unfortunately need to cancel a meet-up at late notice if something urgent comes up at work.


Please check the recent blog post regarding changes to domestic postage. Reminder that poster tubes sent via Australia Post will be charged separately (including the extra cost for the tube), as I do not fold posters unless they arrive that way to me (refer GO T&Cs)! Normal eco-packaging fee will apply, unless I've had to use 100% Australia Post packing materials for your order (which will then be passed onto you at cost and included in your postage total instead of the GO fee).

I can only post once a week on Saturday mornings (except for small items, if I'm able to get away from work briefly during the day), so this will also add some lead time - please try to send your postage payments early, so they clear quickly and I can lodge for you as soon as possible!

That's it for now - hope everyone's having a lovely week and I'll check in with you all soon.

Thank you,


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