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[NOTICE] International shipping fees for BTS Boxes 41-45

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

*11 Jan - BTS Box 45 will ship today, BTS Boxes 43-44 will be arriving in Brisbane early this week

*4 Jan - BTS Boxes 43-44 have shipped today, and Box 45 will ship early next week (after the payment due date has passed). As the SG need to be sorted as a full GO, please note that they will not be ready for postage/drop-off until late January 2022 once all boxes have arrived safely.

Little Wishes and the remaining DALMAJUNG merch will be packed up and sent out soon (for those who don't have SG holds)/combination and BTS Boxes 46+ will be organised soon; around 30-40kg of Vogue and GQ magazines arrived in Korea over Christmas (plus other goods)! Normal payment timeframe will apply for the next boxes (24 hours), so please plan accordingly if you have orders in these boxes!


Due to current COVID numbers/restrictions in Brisbane, there will be no meet-ups until further notice in the Brisbane CBD (my workplace is currently in lockdown/wfh until mid-Feb at this stage). Meet-up may still be possible at Chermside Westfield, but will be checked with each buyer individually. Local buyers will have the option to hold their goods until 31 January 2022 before paying postage or local-drop off fees (available on evenings and weekends only). Everyone will be contacted by email in late January, so please wait for me to get in touch first (I won't be answering any follow-up emails, sorry!).

*22 Dec - There was a minor issue using EMS, so I've paid a top-up fee for batch 41-42 to resend via FedEx. The extra fee has been shared amongst all buyers, so please check your emails and send as soon as you can (has been paid in advance for everyone so it can be resent today).

BTS Boxes 43-45 will also now need to be sent via FedEx instead of EMS, which costs more :/ As the shipping fee was already higher than normal for these boxes due to the value/shipping box size (and higher than some of the shared fees for 41-42 for similar items), I'll be covering the additional top-up amount for these boxes only.

Hello! Lots of exciting things have arriving/are arriving over the next week, so just posting an early notice for buyers, as a strict 24-hour due date will apply for international shipping payments (normal notice period).

A few boxes are being consolidated today and a few more should be ready to go early next week! My warehouse in Korea will be closed for the Christmas break (dates TBC), but hopefully Weverse Shop speeds up a little and we can make the end of year cut-off!

BTS Boxes 41-45 (due December 2021)

BTS DALMAJUNG (second pre-order)

BTS 2022 Seasons Greetings and Wall Calendar*


BTS In the Soop Season 2

BTS Little Wishes

BTS Motipen (purple)

*Reminder that the SG Box is around 30cm x 22cm x 6cm and the calendar poster tube is 45cm long; large dimensions = higher volume and shipping cost, even when shared between everyone!

BTS Box 46 (due early January 2022)

BTSXLV Vogue and GQ magazines

BTS Talk! With BTS

EPIK HIGH Seasons Greetings

...and still waiting for replacement Coldplay CDs to turn up (no tracking provided). Will post updates here and on Twitter, so please keep an eye out!

Thank you,


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