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[OPEN] BTS 2021 Winter Package is finally here!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


*27 Apr - All orders (except last few with AusPost = delayed until GOM available to drop off) have been sent/collected!

*3 March - About 1/3 of orders still haven't shipped from Weverse Shop - with any luck, they'll be boxed up and ready to ship to Australia early next week (via FedEx)

*30 Jan - All orders placed up until yesterday have been ordered (some bank transfers were slow, so I'll send those few delayed confirmations out over this weekend when I get a chance).

*28 Jan - All orders placed up until 5pm have been ordered (with the exception of a few with funds pending clearance). Please remember to add to your email contacts, so you don't miss DHL fees and other important updates for this GO!

Pre-order start: Thursday, 28 January 2021

Release date: Friday, 26 February 2021


1 x Pouch

1 x Snowman wappen (fabric patch)

1 x 204p Photobook

1 x Making DVD (107 minutes, ENG/KOR/CHN subtitles)

1 x 7pc photo set (4in x 6 in)

1 x Mini photo box (with double-sided accordion message card)

1 x 2pc mini poster set (double-sided)

1 x 6-cut film photo (random 1 of 7 types)

1 x photocard (random 1 of 7 types)

1 x photo sticker (first press only)

How to order:

Please visit the product page below to join the GO!

Thank you,


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