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[OPEN] BTS 2022 Season's Greetings is here!

I can't believe it's season's greetings time already!! There will be a full set (SG and wall calendar), as well as individual items for sale - please note that SG often goes immediately out of stock most years, and may not have a second pre-order (and if if does, it's a very delayed release).

Link to order (prices will be added after 12pm today, so please refresh the page):

Please note that I'm working from home today, and will send through final order confirmations as I get a chance (may be sent through at a later time). If your item is out of stock before an order can be placed, a refund will also be processed later (unless you'd like to wait for restock - I'll check with each person, if applicable).

Thank you,


Concept photo previews

Season's Greetings inclusions

Wall Calendar inclusions

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