[OPEN] BTS Jungkook's solo project with Charlie Puth to be released on CD!

Updated: Jul 20

20 Jul - First batch has shipped; please note that it may still be 1-2 months until all batches arrive (I also have to arrange to collect from my forwarding address several hours drive from my house, which may take some time). Buyers will be contacted regarding collection and domestic postage once they are in Brisbane - please do not send follow-up email enquiries in the meantime, as I have no other updates yet!

21 Jun - All batches have been finalised and the GO is now closed! Remaining email confirmations will be sent out over this weekend

Jungkook's solo collaboration with Charlie Puth will be released at the end of June as a physical CD single! Limited stock has been secured in advance (check the product page for remaining slots) and additional batches will be ordered if there's enough interest!

Link for more information and to join:


'Left and Right' (feat. BTS Jungkook) single teaser video

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