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[OPEN] BTS PROOF anthology album pre-order!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

*3 Aug - All orders were unboxed and sorted, and first meet-up has been completed (Sun 31 Jul)! As I now have to use AusPost and manually drop-off once a week (please see related blog post), it will take some time to get through the remaining orders for postage:

Purchase individual packing materials (in advance/at my own cost) > Send out individual email quotes > Wait for payments > Reconcile payments > Finalise packaging and label printing > Provide tracking link via website > Actually find time to drop-off in person to the post office, usually Saturday mornings (when possible).

Please note that it's parliamentary estimates week, most of my staff are sick/away with COVID, and I have very little free time at the moment!! Please kindly wait to receive an email with your postage fee and more information, as I won't be able to respond to additional emails. I haven't even unpacked food for my pantry yet... your orders are my priority and I'm doing the best I can!

Additional collection days (or change to postage) will be organised with each person, outside of my working hours - I can't meet up during the day!

*20 Jul - All related BTS Boxes have been delivered to Brisbane, but these items haven't been unboxed (including quantity check) or sorted. Sorting will commence from this weekend 23-24 July 2022. Please note that collection and postage will be slow (please check moving post for details).

Fri 24 Jun - Albums are still shipping from Weverse Shop to Korea (slow, delayed to the number of pre-orders).

NOTICE My warehouse in Korea is currently dealing with a very high volume of orders (including ours, along with extra international shipping delays within Korea generally), so packing and shipping for these albums will be delayed several weeks. This also affects CUSTOM orders and BTS SOWOOZOO that were waiting to ship together with Proof.

*Fri 3 June - GO is now closed! Thanks everyone - please keep an eye out for shared international shipping in a few week's time :)

*Wed 11 May - All order confirmations are now up to date (for cleared payments) and 1 x secured slot is available for Standard version (checkout as normal to take the slot)!

BTS are finally back with a stunning 3 CD anthology album box set to celebrate their 9th anniversary! The album will include 3 brand new tracks (versions and other details still TBC).

Pre-order starts 11am KST, Thursday 5 May 2022

Domestic shipping in Korea starts 10 June 2022

Link for more information and to join the GO (will be updated/live once pricing has been released):

Thank you,


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