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[OPEN] BTS SOWOZOO physical release pre-order!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

*20 Jul - All related BTS Boxes have been delivered to Brisbane, but these items haven't been unboxed (including quantity check) or sorted. Sorting will commence from this weekend 23-24 July 2022. Please note that collection and postage will be slow (please check moving post for details).

*24 Jun - All DVD, Digital and Blu-Ray versions have been delivered to Korea BUT are held up due to delays at my warehouse; please keep an eye on your emails for updates (will send out international shipping fees as soon as I can)

*18 May - First pre-order of DVDs have arrived safely! These will be held until the Proof album release, to enable shared shipping to Australia. Buyers will be included in BTS boxes in website purchase order/to avoid storage fees, but all orders will be held in Brisbane for sorting until everything has arrived!

Please wait to receive an email with your FedEx payment and remember to add to your safe senders list/address book so you don't miss the notice!


  • DVD first pre-order from 18 May 2022 [COMPLETED, ships asap with first batch of Proof albums]

  • DVD second pre-order and Digital from 7 - 16 June 2022 [COMPLETED]

  • DVD third pre-order from 10 -19 June 2022 [COMPLETED]

  • BLU-RAY first pre-order from 22 June - 1 July 2022 [COMPLETED]


After a long break, we're back! Pre-order for the Sowoozoo DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital versions starts on Wed 27 April, with release dates from May-June 2022.

Please visit the link below for more details on Wed morning (once prices are out) :D

Thank you,


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