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[OPEN] BTS, THE BEST Japan album pre-order available!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

*30 June - The full shipping fee has been paid and shipped, with an ETA of Monday 5 July!

*24 Jun - Shared international shipping emails have been sent out (super expensive as usual, but still came in about 40% less than I was expecting per album). Waiting for the last few payments as the due date is 28 June, but I expect they will be able to ship late next week.

*4 Apr - Reminder that order confirmations will be delayed (but all albums have been ordered to date, as each order is placed when funds clear)

*Extra fanclub slots now available

Pre-order will be available soon for BTS' next Japan release, THE BEST!

Please check the link below for full details and how to join the GO:

Thank you,


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