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[OPEN] BTS x Esquire US magazine now available!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

*23 Nov - Batch 1 is now sold out! If you haven't received a confirmation email yet, it's because your payment is still pending (bank transfers) and it will be sent once funds clear in full!

*24 Nov - Batch 2 was secured before it sold out last night! Only 5,000 copies were available in total! A few bank transfers also pending for this one as well - if your order/payment was missing I've sent a follow up email. Please reply to by 4pm today, otherwise your order may be cancelled and put back up for sale :)

*26 Nov - All correct and paid orders have now been confirmed! Please check back after 24 Dec 2020 for a shipping update!


The Esquire magazine (US) Winter 2020/2021 issue with BTS cover is now available to order on the site!

The supplier site crashed for most of today, and has just come back online with very limited stock; as there was a lot of interest via Twitter, a large batch has already been secured!

If you don't want to purchase a physical copy, you can also read the article for free online at this link.

Esquire is a fairly well-known/popular magazine, so if you miss out, it's possible that Australian stores may get stock it in the new year.

To order, please head to the product page below:

Thank you,


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