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[OPEN] BTS x McDonalds collaboration reservation TONIGHT ONLY

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

*9 June - Shipping to Korea starts 19 July

*28 May - All refunds processed for items that weren't able to be secured

*27 May - 90% of items secured! Final order confirmations have been sent out (including for substitutions). Buyers with OOS items have been notified by email to organise refund.

So!! This is a bit of a tricky GO due to the fact that the special collab photocard gift will be given out per ORDER not per ITEM from Weverse Shop! It feels like we're about to enter the hunger games of collabs here :')

Please note that there will be no special priority given based on order type/amount, and any photocards received will be sorted in order of joining! In the case that Weverse Shop sells out early and we do not receive 1 item = 1 gift, then the same order will apply (and latecomers will miss out on a photocard).


If you know which items you want (and you're happy to receive a refund if it goes out of stock early), please simply select your item from the drop-down, add to card and check out as normal!

As I can only order one item at a time, the cost of domestic shipping within Korea has already been added to the pricing for low-value items!

Please remember to add SIZE and COLOUR options in your checkout notes, or I won't be able to fulfil your order!

WILDCARD OPTION (it's very wild)

As most people have requested for literally anything to be ordered that's in stock to have a chance at photocards, I will be adding a wildcard option to the product page. Please don't feel pressured at all to choose this, as it's just a way to help me secure something to try and get you a photocard (e.g. if you go with regular order items only, you will be refunded if it goes out of stock as there won't be time to go back and ask you about substitutes).

  1. Set deposit amount of AUD $130 (covers most expensive item)

  2. In your payment receipt email, please include how many photocards you're hoping to secure AND your preferred items (if any, including sizes)

e.g. 1 x Hoodie = value AUD $126.50 = 1 x photocard possible

e.g. 7 x Sticker set = value AUD $119.00 = 7 x photocards possible

  1. This can be added to your cart in addition to the 'regular option'

  2. Once items are secured, I'll contact buyers in order of joining to organise and sort through wildcard item claims

  3. Finally, after I know which wildcard items belong to each buyer, I can refund any leftover deposits! Please note that this process may take up to a week if there are slow replies to emails!

Note: As the photocard gift will not be given out for a second pre-order (if made available), I won't be offering to do a second round (unless requested by buyers with OOS items who don't mind missing out on the photocard)!

This will be a very time intensive process on the day, so it's also possible that all items will sell out before the full GO orders can be met!


As per the Weverse Shop announcement, they are not guaranteeing that a special photocard gift will be given with each order as it may run out of stock early. Please don't be disappointed if that's the case and keep this in mind!!

They will also be given out randomly (7 member types, 1 group type available) and you may not receive your first preference due to the random selection of photocards received in the GO, or the order in which you joined.


The GO will still be shipping to Korea first, as there is zero point sending a huge amount of small/single items direct to Australia - much too expensive, and not practical at all for the purposes of this GO!


To the full list of available items, GO details and to make your advance reservation:

Thank you,


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