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[OPEN] BTS x Rolling Stone (US) is open for pre-order!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

*30 Jun - The full shipping fee has been paid for the group covers, and they should arrive in 7-10 days! The box sets are still arriving, so shipping fees won't be calculated/due for 1-2 weeks still!

*24 Jun - Waiting for the last few shipping payments to come through (due date Tue 28 Jun). The special box set (Batch 1) has shipped to the US as well, and shared international shipping fees should be sent out via email as well soon.

*31 May - A very kind ARMY has chipped in for the last Jin member cover, to allow Batch 2 of the special box set to be ordered (it has now been secured). I have added this version on the website as secured stock available for claim (and funds will be returned to that buyer if someone takes it).


*24 May - Group covers from the April batches/supplier have started shipping to my US address, and should all arrive over the next few weeks. Check back soon for more updates!

*18 May - Website orders for member covers will NOT be confirmed until the batch has been secured - if all slots aren't filled, orders will be refunded (as per the T&C). Current deadline for Batch 2 review is 31 May 2021 (may be sold out again before then) - note: product page is currently down for a few days, due to other GOs with priority!

*13 May - Special box set (full set and shared set) have been added to the site for pre-order for the individual member covers:

Batch 1 slots (secured) - FILLED & CLOSED

Batch 2 slots (pending) - FILLED & Jin available (secured stock)

Existing orders for group cover from April are not affected (ordered via different stockist)

*21 Apr - Reminder that you'll receive a final order confirmation AFTER the batch has been ordered (so current batches will be pending the required amount of orders/buyers joining)! I'll only be in touch via email before then if there's an issue with payment (otherwise assume everything is ok)!

*20 Apr - Final confirmations have been sent out for Batch 1-2. Batch 3-5 pricing reflects the higher US shipping cost (due to limit on discount) + but it's only AUD $2.00 per magazine!


Our GO pre-order is now open for the upcoming BTS cover of Rolling Stone (US) magazine (June 2021 edition)!

Note: The cover art hasn't been released yet, but this post will be updated once it's been published.

Limited stock is available, so please visit the link below to order your copy soon!

Thank you,


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