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[OPEN] Early reservation available for BTS MOTS ON:E Concept Photobook!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

*24 Jun - Orders have been included in BTS Boxes 25-27 for shipping (please check the blog post for updates).

Second pre-order have started shipping today, and will be included in the next round of BTS Boxes.

*9 Jun - Waiting for the last few to arrive (reminder: second pre-order batch ships at the end of August)

*26 May - Photobooks have started shipping within Korea, and should all arrive within the next week or so! Special set metric weight is almost 5kg :O so these will be combined into several boxes for shipping to Australia to try and prevent unnecessary damage in transit!

*23 Apr - Extra stock available for first-press release versions (release 24 May), available on the product page

CLUE version x 1 [CLAIMED]

*22 Apr - Re-opened for normal pre-order, no limit on quantity will apply!

SPECIAL SET = Restocked (no first press benefits, release 20 June)

CLUE version = Restocked (no first press benefits, release 20 June)

ROUTE version = Restocked (no first press benefits, release 20 June)

*22 Apr - Currently closed to process early reservation orders. Will re-open for normal pre-order if stock is available!

Limited early reservation slots have been made available for the upcoming BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Concept Photobook!

Slots will close once sold-out, and the product page will be refreshed for normal pre-order once the first batch has been confirmed. Funds must also clear immediately in order to join the early reservation (Payal, Osko).

Link to early reservation and full details:

Thank you,


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