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[OPEN] Limited reservation for BTS 2021 Seasons Greetings has opened!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Seasons Greetings preview spot

DVD and Wall Calendar user guides

BTS FB photo release


*10 Nov - DVD user guide details released (please see the new image gallery above), and all orders now confirmed as unsealed for photocard sorting (was pending while waiting for announcement). Don't forget to check/update your member preference in My Account (must include all members and group from first to last/8th preference, otherwise random photocard will be given)


*11 Nov - All confirmed reservations have been Secured through Weverse Shop! Will check goods deposit balances and update everyone via email by tomorrow at the latest!

*11 Nov - Normal pre-order is now open (with adjusted pricing)

*16 Nov - Wall Calendar [SOLD OUT], DVD & Wall Calendar set [SOLD OUT]

*22 Dec - Almost all orders have been delivered or are arriving at my Korean address this week; 2 sets have been delayed until the second release date (19 Jan 2021). DHL shipping fees will be calculated and sent out when available, so please check your emails!

Good morning ARMY!

I will be opening a very limited advanced reservation for BTS 2021 Seasons Greetings, as it usually sells out within the first hour (if not earlier). Please read the initial information below, then visit the link at the bottom of this post to see full details and place your order!


2021 Seasons Greetings DVD (box set)

2021 Seasons Greetings Wall Calendar (single item)

*item types subject to change once full details released by Weverse Shop


1 of each item type per person (all orders with more than 1 will be cancelled, and your reservation will not be successful)

e.g. 1 x DVD, 1 x Wall Calendar


Please note that only PayPal (Friends & Family) and Bank Transfers via OSKO (immediate transfer to ANZ) will be accepted for this GO!

Any delayed payments/bank transfers will be refunded in full, and your order cancelled through the site.


1. Goods deposit (estimated price including domestic shipping to Korea)

2. Top-up OR part-refund for goods deposit (depending on actual price of item on Weverse Shop)

3. Shared international shipping

4. Possible import duties applied by customs (please save-up 20% of your order cost, just in case)

5. Domestic delivery fee within Australia (unless collecting via meet-up).

Link to reserve:

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