[OPEN] Weverse Shop stock sale available!

Hello everyone!

I'm opening a general stock sale for BTS merchandise available on Weverse Shop!


All items requested must be in stock and ready to ship (no pre-orders for this GO) so that they can be included in the next BTS Box, due to ship to Australia in the first week of May.

If there's something you would like to order, please submit the Request an Item form through the website - remember to include all details I would need to order, such as item options/size/colour


Note: Please do not submit a form unless you will 100% follow through with your order, as it takes time and effort to organise a quote/make a page! Full payment will be required to clear before your order can be placed (no holds/payment plans available).


  • BTS Official Lightstick (all versions)

  • Some member or quantity limited items may not be available

  • Items with lithium batteries or other dangerous/hazardous materials

It's also possible to order items from other Korean stores - please include the link to the specific item/s and all of the relevant details in your Request an Item form (must also arrive in time, follow the guidelines above).

Thank you,


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