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[OPEN] Boy with Luv photocard binder set

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

*5 Nov - Order closed! Final orders and payments will be checked by Fri 6 Nov and confirmations sent out (just a little busy art the moment)!

*9 Nov - GO deposit has been paid, and no top-ups will be required for domestic shipping to Korea. Shared international shipping fees will be sent out after production is complete, sometime in December 2020.

As requested, I've opened a group order for unofficial Boy with Luv photocard binders from @eliee_J on Twitter!

Pre-order will close earlier through our site on 4 November (to allow any bank transfers to clear before the deadline), and production in Korea is estimated to be complete by December 2020. A small-top up may be required for domestic shipping within Korea, as the set and PVC sleeves are quite heavy to send!

The PVC sheet sleeves are compatible with the official BTS MOTS Tour mini-photocard binders, as they're just slightly bigger (around 5mm larger around the edges).

Note: Extra PVC sheets can only be purchased with a binder set, and are not available to order separately at this time due to weight restrictions. Maximum of 2 extra sheet sets of any size per binder set ordered.

To order:

1. Add a Binder set to your cart (4 colours available)

2. Choose your add-ons (add each item to your cart, one at a time)

3. Check your cart contains everything you need, and check out!

4. Make your manual payment in AUD$ following the instructions on the confirmation screen (they will also be sent to your email).

Payment waves for this GO

1. Goods deposit (includes PayPal fee, estimated domestic shipping to Korea) 2. Top-up for domestic shipping to Korea (only if required)

3. Shared international shipping

4. Domestic delivery fee within Australia (unless collecting via meet-up).

Please check the faq page for more information about payment waves and estimates.

As always, send us a chat message or email if you have any questions!


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