[SHIPPING FEE] BTS US Box 4 is ready to ship!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

*12 Jul - Boxes have been shipped (ETA approx 4-6 weeks to arrival in Brisbane)

Hello! A few things happened to arrive at the same time in the US (lucky for us) and I was able to combine them for shipping to Australia.

Note: Shipping from the US is currently delayed and may take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive once paid in full.

GOs included in BTS Box 4 (US):

  • BTS x Rolling Stone US Special Box Sets (inc individual member and group covers)

  • BTS Butter Vinyl & Cassette singles (US release only)

Emails have been sent out today to all buyers, due Fri 9 July). If you need a payment extension, please reply to your shipping email to request :)

If you'd like to add these GOs onto your current combined domestic delivery request, please check the post below for more info and send a new email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com.


Thank you,


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