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[UPDATE] BE Album details are out!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

*11 Nov - Taking interest in one last batch after 2021 SG orders have been finalised! Please check my tweet or send me a chat here/email to let me know if you're waiting to join

*23 Nov - About 70% of album orders have been shipped, and a few have been received at Korean address today!

*26 Nov - Just waiting on the last 2 orders to ship, then all boxes will be prepped to send to Brisbane!

*30 Nov - All albums have been received in Korea! Just waiting for consolidation now, so DHL fees should be sent out by tomorrow (due within 24 hours) -

Please note that no more GO shipping fees will be paid in advance, so anyone with overdue fees will be the reason for any delays!

More detailed BE album inclusions have just been released - please check the images in the gallery above!

The GO is currently closed, as I don't have capacity to take on new batches due to other personal commitments at this time; confirmed orders have also already been organised into staggered batches for eventual shipping to Australia.

As the album (at this point) appears to be inclusive of everything, it looks like they can remain sealed for all buyers, as I won't need to sort any photocards! It also means I can organise meet-ups and domestic delivery as the boxes arrive, instead of waiting for all of them before starting (hooray)!

Will post update here once shared international shipping fees are due for payment.

Thanks everyone!


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