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[UPDATE] Box 11 & 12 have arrived safely!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021


*11 Feb - Collection dates have been sent out for RSVP

*8 Feb - Box 12 has arrived!

Unfortunately, we did not quite receive the correct combination of PVC sleeves,and no 1-pocket sleeves were sent; unfortunately, due to the nature of fansite orders, it's not possible to receive a refund or substitution for incorrect items (please check the T&C - this is out of GOM control). If your order was affected, there will be an FYI note in your collection/domestic delivery email.

Box 11 has arrived (and Box 12 is currently in transit through Singapore, and should arrive by the end of this week)!

- BTS SG 2021 (Batch 2)

- BTS MOTS ON:E merchandise (Batch 2)

- Fansite goods (various)

- Boy with Luv photcard binder sets

Some BTS SG have already been combined with new goods for some buyers (packed for delivery), and packing/delivery/collection will be organised for the rest during the week.

Thank you,


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