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[UPDATE] Boxes 15-19 arrived safely!

*23 March -

Boxes 15-19 arrived safely on Monday and all merch has been counted, sorted and packed!


I have an excessive amount on at work, home and uni this week (I'm also travelling on site visits for the next few days and I'm not home this weekend), so will slowly send emails out and book parcels for delivery during the next week when I have a chance.

Please do not send emails or DMs about your order as they will not be answered - I physically do not have time to write extra emails at the moment!

Note: Due to the weather, I will not be booking parcels on days with heavy rain, as they are not protected from storms in my pick-up location (may have to wait until I'm available to drop-off).


First collection day last Sunday went great (thank you to everyone who came into the city at short notice), but additional collection days haven't been organised yet.

I really don't think I can fit anything else into this week, so I might not get back to anyone until after 2 April (as I have uni assessment due, and I'm already a few weeks behind).

If you have a car and would like to pop by my house and collect your order instead, please email me to organise a date/time at now.

Thank you,


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