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[UPDATE] BTS Box 40 has arrived!

BTS Box 40 is here! This is the last box of GOs that will arrive before guaranteed Christmas delivery cut-off times, so I'll do my best to send parcels off to buyers who pay their postage fees in time (payment must clear 1 business day before cut-off dates below)!

๐ŸŽ„ Sendle (default service)

BNE 13 Dec

QLD 10 Dec

AUS 3 Dec

๐ŸŽ„ AusPost (Regular)

All other states 13 Dec

WA & NT 8 Dec

๐ŸŽ„ AusPost (Express)

All other states 20 Dec

WA & NT 15 Dec

If you miss the Sendle cut-off date for your order or want to change to AusPost, please let me know by email asap as I'll have to recalculate your delivery fee (top-up will likely be required if you've already paid for Sendle, as AusPost is more expensive).

Note: I'm not sure how many mail runs I can physically do on the bus with bulky packages in time/due to work, so please understand if your parcel still isn't able to be dropped off before a cut-off date!

All held orders from BTS Boxes 33-39 will be combined with Box 40 for delivery and collection, except for orders kissing Coldplay CDs (I still have to send emails out with more info for those buyers).

Collections for next week are TBC (I'll email soon) and a reminder that Chermside and weekend (all locations) collections are still unavailable until further notice.

Thank you,


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