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[UPDATE] BTS Boxes 26,28,29 arrival (and US Box 3 soon)!

*13 July - Will add photos for US Box 3 to this post when it arrives later this week

Very big mail day for us yesterday! BTS Boxes 26 (delayed), 28 and 29 arrived safely, and will be combined with Boxes 25, 27 and US Box 3 (Rolling Stone group) for domestic delivery and collection!


Sorting has started, but will take a few days to finalise as I only have limited hours on weeknights to try and get through everything (and need to relocate my plants so I have room).

  • Emails for domestic delivery will be sent out as orders are packed up (payment due within 7 days) - changes to packing cannot be made once your email has been sent out!

  • For Brisbane ARMY, collection days will be posted to the Event page soon - please RSVP after you receive a collection notice email!

  • Collection orders will automatically be combined (list of eligible GOs linked below) but please choose a later date if you have a Rolling Stone magazine (not guaranteed to arrive before next week)

REQUEST Combined domestic delivery

Please review the updated June combined domestic delivery list, and send an email to to make a request (if you haven't already).

REQUEST Local drop-off or domestic delivery

If you live in the Brisbane area and would like to request local drop-off (calculated fee applies) or domestic delivery (calculated fee applies) instead, please send an email to now with your street address for delivery, so I can work out the fee and organise with you!

Note: Local drop-off will be no contact only, so I recommend that you choose a time when you'll be home and can pop out to collect from your door right away (uber eats style)!

Thank you,


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