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[UPDATE] BTS Boxes 41-46 arrival photos!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

6 Feb - One late drop-off to be completed and 5 parcels to be sent off (packed and emails sent tonight), then all clear for BTS Boxes 41-46!

*I didn't take photos of all the BTS Season's Greetings, as they look the same.. and they're too heavy to stack up just to take a photo to post, sorry!

All arrived safe and sound FINALLY (after Box 45 was delayed in Brisbane after arrival for over a week), so sorting and packing will be done over this weekend/next week, as my personal schedule is a bit packed at the moment!

Collection/meet-ups are not available due to COVID, so Brisbane buyers will be emailed with local-drop off and delivery options soon.

Thank you,


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