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[UPDATE] BTS Dynamite Vinyl & Cassette arrival (Batch 1)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


*3 March - The extra cassettes have arrived at my Korean address, and are just waiting for FedEx fees to be calculated - please check your emails later this week!

*UPDATE all refunds have been processed, and replacement cassettes have been ordered for the February release

*30 Jan - I've decided not to take the risk of packages getting lost and will be cancelling all Batch 2 orders. Buyers have been sent an email to provide the option of re-ordering Cassette Tapes only (Vinyl is still OOS), so please check and let me know as soon as possible!

BTS Dynamite limited edition vinyl and cassette tapes were delivered today for Batch 1! I'll be in touch with buyers to organise collection/domestic delivery over the weekend.

Batch 2 has encountered a bit of a problem - my interim Korean address is moving warehouses (with minimal notice), and I'm unable to change the shipping address for these orders (Weverse Shop policy + OOS items can't be cancelled and re-ordered to my current address). I've lodged a query with customer service, but I may be forced to cancel the orders and refund all buyers for Batch 2 (the alternate is that they'll be lost in transit by the warehouse = no goods and no refund). I'll try and update Batch 2 buyers before the release date in mid-February.

Thank you,


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