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[UPDATE] BTS NYEL & SG 2021 (ongoing) have arrived!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021


First box of goods arrived safely today! Still two more boxes scheduled for delivery this week.

One person has still not paid their DHL fee. Please note that goods will not be released to this person until paid in full - and a final warning email will be sent this week.


- Batch 1 of BTS SG 2021 will be held until all sets arrive for sorting (3 boxes), so please wait to receive an email regarding collection/local drop-off and domestic delivery

- Batch 2 of BTS SG 2021 won't arrive in Korea until the end of Jan 2021

- COVID restrictions and lockdown periods will be updated during the week; collection will depend on how things are travelling, but drop-off quotes can still be requested (not affected, COVID safe measures already in place).

- If our Happy V Day Collection event series is ok to go ahead, collection may be available over the weekend (pending all boxes arriving/being sorted); please keep an eye out for updates (don't send emails to request at this stage).

Thank you,


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