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[UPDATE] Butter CD singles, Merchandise & Vinyl/Cassette arrivals!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

All of the BTS Butter CD singles have now arrived safely from Korea (BTS Boxes 30-32); a few albums have very minor dents/marks (normal) and some of the poster tubes are a little squashed (also norrmal) but there was no major damage, despite the MANY flights and countries they went through to get here!

BUTTER CD SORTING STATUS: 50% (incomplete)

Notice: Weverse Shop ran out of pre-order benefits (film strip), so please note that if you joined the GO late, you unfortunately won't receive one in your order :/

No issues at all with the BTS Butter merchandise, which has also arrived safely.

US Box 4 is also all accounted for! A few of the cassettes have very small cracks in the cases (photos below), which is an unfortunate risk of delayed packages and flights with these types of fragile items. Please note that cassettes will be allocated randomly to buyers (and carefully packed for domestic delivery to prevent any further damage).


Due to my real life workload (which feels like it quadruples during lockdowns), I'm only able to spend a small amount of time sorting and packing GOs each night, but will try to take some WFH sanity breaks to work on website things as well this week. I take a lot of care with your member preferences, and this is a 3 layer sort with posters to separate, roll, and pack on top of that!

I would ask everyone to please wait patiently for me to email you with delivery details, etc (you can change your delivery address at that time if needed). I'm doing the best I can under difficult circumstances (and on my own)!


As long as you haven't already received an email about domestic delivery fees for your other arrived orders, they'll now be combined automatically!

Please send an email to only if you'd like items sent separately for any reason (e.g. moving house in the next 2 weeks), and include your name and order numbers #.


Until lockdown restrictions are lifted in the greater Brisbane area, it won't be possible to hold meet-ups for goods collection.

Once we're all clear, I'll be in touch to organise collection days via email. Please keep an eye out for updates!

Note: If you'd like to change to domestic delivery or local drop-off (within 10 kms - check the section below), please send an email to with your name and order numbers # to request.


To try and brighten our current Brisbane lockdown a little I'm offering free local drop-off to anyone living within the permitted 10km radius of my suburb.

Please check the distance between my local shopping centre (link to Google maps) and your home address, and send me an email to request if you're in my lockdown bubble! Drop-offs will be no contact, so please ensure you'll be home between 7pm - 8pm on your confirmed date.

Note: Butter album sorting has not been completed yet - please check the status update above!

Thank you,


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