[UPDATE] BTS x THE FACT Photobook arrival!

THE FACT x BTS Photobooks have all arrived safely from the US!

Due to the current (and possibly extended) COVID lockdown in Brisbane, all GO meet-ups have been postponed until at least next week (from Monday 5 July).

Packing for non-combined domestic delivery will be done first, while I wait for emails to come in for combined requests :)

REQUEST Local drop-off or domestic delivery

If you live in the Brisbane area and would like to request local drop-off (calculated fee applies) or domestic delivery (calculated fee applies) instead of waiting for the postponed collection dates, please send an email to gowithyeontan@gmail.com now with your street address for delivery, so I can work out the fee and organise with you!

Note: Local drop-off will be no contact only, so I recommend that you choose a time when you'll be home and can pop out to collect from your door right away (uber eats style)!

REQUEST Combined domestic delivery

As there are quite a few GOs arriving over the next 2 weeks, I'm happy to combine domestic delivery where possible (I understand that not everyone likes to wait though)!

Please send an email now to gowithyeontan@gmail.com to submit a combined domestic delivery request - a list of eligible GOs has been posted separately at the link below:


Thank you,


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