terms & conditions

order confirmations

A final confirmation invoice will be sent out to you via email, after BOTH your order request, custom quote (if applicable) and correct payment have been verified. Please check it and let us know if there are any errors (remember to check your junk/spam mail folder).

payment waves

All payment waves MUST be completed by the due dates given - please do not join if you can’t commit and comfortably afford all payments, as this adversely affects other buyers and causes extra work for the GOM.


Payment waves usually include a goods payment + EMS/DHL/FedEx payment + domestic delivery payment (as this varies with each order, please check each GO form).

If EMS/DHL/FedEx is not already included in the price, an estimate is not available. I always hold as much as I can at my overseas addresses, to make shared shipping as cost effective as possible; please keep in mind that this sometimes means that even if your item is released, it may be stored for a few weeks if other pre-orders are releasing around the same time. The maximum time orders can be held/combined is now 30 days, to avoid expensive daily storage fees.

Note: A GO fee is added to all orders at checkout to help cover the cost of website maintenance and other overheads associated with group orders! 100% of this fee will go towards covering a small fraction of these monthly costs.

Once a batch is ready to ship from overseas, I will contact you with your share of the EMS/DHL fee for payment (min 24hrs notice given, unless the full fee has been paid in advance).

If Australian customs or DHL determine that GST is payable for any shipments, this cost will be charged to each buyer at a percentage of their total goods order value (not including any domestic postage to Korea or DHL fees paid), after arrival in Brisbane. Please always put aside 20% of the website value of your order, just in case we receive a shared customs invoice for payment!

⚠️ COVID-19 impact and international shipping

Since 14 March 2020, Australia Post stopped accepting shipments from South Korea. Please note that although the Australia Post website says shipping to South Korea is now open, EMS is still not reliable for delivery to Australia (last checked on 1 February 2021), and has increased in cost by approximately 20%. K-Packet is also unavailable.

All merchandise purchased/shipping from South Korea will be sent to my Korean address, and safely stored to  be sent in batches to Brisbane via DHL or FedEx (1-2 times a month depending on pre-order release dates). Same applies to US and Japan orders.

Each buyer will be notified of their share of the international shipping fee via email (including their share of any package forwarding/storage fees), due within 24 hours (AUD$). There is usually no Korean domestic postage fee payable, as I’m always careful to bundle everything up to qualify for free domestic postage! I will let you know at the time of purchase if a Korean domestic postage fee will apply (e.g. for high demand/very limited items being ordered as a single piece).

Any positive balances from goods deposits paid (if applicable) will be refunded to you OR deducted from your shared international shipping fee, so you’ll simply have less to pay when the time comes.

domestic delivery schedule

After all goods for a batch arrive in Brisbane, I’ll contact you to confirm your delivery address, and let you know the total payable for postage/delivery (AUD$). Your order will be sent out AFTER your postage payment has cleared.

Over the counter lodgement (and purchase of Australia Post packing materials) are only available on the following days:

  • Saturday before 12pm (may be unavailable due to personal schedule)

Note: This is usually a complicated and physically intensive task, so it may take a little time to sort through and safely package your order. Please keep an eye on the website blog and Twitter for quick updates.

meet-up schedule

There is no cost for collection via meet-up. After goods arrive in Brisbane and have been sorted and packed, you will receive an email with collection information. 

Bulky/heavy orders cannot be collected from Brisbane CBD due to health and safety issues; buyers with these types or items/orders will need to pay the domestic delivery fee (click and collect may be available for select trusted buyers only).

Meet-ups are only available on the following days. This is also subject to change, depending on my personal and work schedules:

  • Monday - Brisbane CBD after 5.30pm

  • Tuesday - Brisbane CBD after 5.30pm

  • Wednesday - Brisbane CBD after 5.30pm

  • Thursday - Brisbane CBD after 5.30pm, Westfield Chermside after 7pm

  • Friday - Brisbane CBD after 5.30pm

  • Saturday - Westfield Garden City, Westfield Chermside (varies)

  • Sunday - Westfield Chermside, Westfield North Lakes (varies)

  • [Currently unavailable] Interstate meet-ups will occasionally be available if I’m travelling around the time that goods arrive!

local drop-off
holds and combined delivery requests

Local drop-off to your home/street address is available on request for the Brisbane area (within 50km of Brisbane CBD); a delivery fee will apply to cover vehicle running costs, etc, as below:


Base fee: AUD $5.00

Per kilometre fee to your street address and return: AUD $0.20 per km

Tolls: As applicable

Parking fee: As applicable




Delivery fee from GOM to Mt Gravatt


Round trip km: 19.1km x 2 = 38.20km

Base fee: AUD $5.00

Per km fee: AUD $7.64

Tolls: N/A

Parking fee: N/A


Total fee: AUD $12.64


To request a quote for local delivery, please email gowithyeontan@gmail.com with your order items for delivery, your street address and your availability (after 7pm weekdays, or weekends - subject to GOM schedule). If your items have already been packed for postage and you switch to local drop-off, you will be charged the cost of the postage materials already used.


Note: Distances will be calculated using Google maps (no top-ups for variations for actual driving time/kms), and the fees will include any applicable tolls for the fastest route, or where free parking isn't readily available.

Goods will not be held for longer than 14 days after arrival, as I have no storage space at home (and I'm in the process of packing and moving house)! I will only combine orders/goods if you have a few arriving within a two-week window (non-negotiable). Please email or DM me to make a request with the details of your orders (you can do this in advance, or when I send domestic postage notices out after arrival).

buyer protection

Goods being collected at my Korean address are checked and registered immediately on arrival (video/photo verification service is currently suspended due to COVID-19). Photo verification is not available for US and Japan orders.

Any missing or damaged goods will be followed up by the original Supplier (e.g. Weverse Shop). Please note that a refund or replacement will only be available to you if provided by the original Supplier – due to the high volume of orders I still help with, please understand I can’t afford to refund you personally if the Supplier does not accept the refund request for any reason.

It is unfortunately becoming more common for items to contain minor printing or manufacturing defects; in this case, a notice will be posted to the order updates blog page as soon as this information is available, but a replacement or refund will not be available from Weverse Shop.

refund policy

Refunds are not available for any reason, with the exception of damaged or missing goods refunded by the Supplier (refer Buyer Protection above), or where reserved items go out of stock before a batch is ordered.

Please note that due to the strict refund/replacement policies of fansite/fanmade goods, it is NOT possible to make a claim for damaged or incorrect orders (video proof cannot be provided from my Korean address). Any GO or custom order accepted for fansite or fanmade goods come with a zero refund policy, as the transit/verification of these goods are completely outside GOM control (unsighted until arrival in Australia, cannot be exchanged, etc).

Where a refund has been successfully processed through PayPal from the Supplier, please note that it may take up to 1-2 weeks to clear depending on the refund type (e.g. to PayPal balance or to a bank account), before I can transfer it to you.

The GO fee (AUD $2.00) is non-refundable for all orders (including refunded goods), as this goes directly towards overheads and expenses for the website, etc.


You may only receive ONE warning, before being blacklisted for any of the following reasons:

  • Attempting to cancel your order made through the website and/or failure to make a goods payment after checking-out through the website;

  • Failure to meet payment waves by the due date, inc backing out of a reservation after the order has been placed (banned from future GOs)

  • No-shows at confirmed meet-ups (restricted to collection via domestic delivery only)

  • Inappropriate behaviour, including bullying and harassment over SNS towards myself or other GOM (banned from future GOs)

  • Failure to respond to messages about your order or queries regarding your order (for unpaid fees, after three attempts to contact you, a public notice will be published on Twitter and your goods will be forfeited with no refund)

Immediate blacklisting may also be applied at the discretion of the GOM - blacklisted buyers may not register to attend/attend events held by gowithyeotntan.

privacy policy

All personal information submitted through the website or your My Account will not be distributed or used for any purpose other than in relation to the group order. Both the website and the domain are secured, even though we do not process any direct payments through the site.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us!


All orders will be unsealed for member preference, unless there are no collectible items (e.g. bulk order for a comeback album vs. DVD with a full set of postcards).

Cancellation by the buyer is not permitted for any reason, including change of mind - please only checkout if you are committed to the GO! 

Posters will only be mailed out in tubes (the tubes are free if I have some in stock); they will NOT be folded for postage. 

Please note I am not responsible for any damage or loss in transit/delivery, customs charges/holds, where incorrect details are provided by buyers, etc. 

Any goods which are forfeited will be resold and the proceeds donated to charity. In 2018 and 2019, all proceeds were donated to the BTS Love Myself and #ENDViolence campaigns (https://www.love-myself.org/eng/home/) or UNICEF Australia.